Initially drawn to yoga for the physical aspect, it was the mental and emotional benefits that kept me coming back for more. The practice gave me the tools to deal with the stresses of a legal career that I was not in alignment with and ultimately inspired me to take these lessons off my mat and into my life.

Since leaving my desk bound life behind and training as a yoga teacher with Dylan Ayaloo in London, I have dedicated myself to growth and expansion. In the pursuit of health I have explored numerous detox protocols, Ayurvedic cleanses, as well as training in living foods nutrition and lifestyle at the famous Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.

I have immersed myself in a 10 day vipassana (silent meditation retreat), mindfulness meditation training, and I have most recently finished an intensive meditation teacher training with Punnu Singh Wasu of the Oneness University.

Sound healing has proved a big part of my journey, in a paradoxical way helping me both to connect deeper to my physical body and move beyond its physical limitations. Training with Shervin Boloorian of Bali Sound Healing showed me how to weave a diverse range of frequencies together in a sound healing journey. My training in Theta Healing with Burgeon has taken me from a place of hoping to a place of doing, busting through limiting beliefs that were holding me back from delivering this message and fulfilling my life purpose.

I was once ashamed of my body and how I looked. Insecure and anxious about speaking in front of groups. I spent the whole time putting myself down, no matter how incredible my accomplishments I never felt worthy, or good enough. The knowledge and experience I have acquired through this journey has helped me become the person I am today. I am not perfect, I wouldnt want to be, but I have learnt a lot and am grateful for every challenge and breakthrough I have had along the way.

Whether we meet and work together, or do not, with all my heart I hope you find your bliss and happiness, whatever your path.

With all my love

Carina x


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The sound healing with Carina was out of this world - literally. I felt the vibration all throughout my body. It was such a beautiful sensation of energy flowing up and down and radiating outside of me too! I was so relaxed and felt a release of stress, worry and anxiety. That sense of heaviness just disappeared. I am pretty sure there was a lot of healing going on too.

As a yoga instructor, Carina was phenomenal. I’m a newbie and don’t normally enjoy yoga, but I looked forward to our sessions everyday. She kept me focused in the moment instead of thinking about my task list. My body was getting the oxygen, movement and stretching that it needed so badly! My neck and shoulders released so much tension and I learned some simple poses that I can do - like yoga on the go for people who don’t do yoga! Perfect for busy people like me.

Carina is loving and has this amazing sense of calm. She is a powerhouse of peace and love. That’s all you feel when you work with her! Thank you Carina for being such a gift to this world!


Motivational Speaker, Coach, Founder of More Time With You


I got to experience Carina work her sound magic at the Align and Thrive Retreat, and I was blown away. This was not my first experience with sound healing, but by far the best. I was able to transport during Carina's session and actually could feel my cells vibrating eventually causing my whole body to shake. The feeling was never uncomfortable but more like my body was realigning itself at a cellular level.

There were other people present during the session, but you felt as if you were alone almost like we were all one. When the session ended I walked away feeling euphoric and full of love. Carina you are very gifted, and I'm grateful for the experience.


Nurse Practitioner, Owner and Founder of Life After Cancer

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