Are you looking to:

  • Start a yoga practice but feel intimidated by yoga classes? Or you would like more individual attention so you really understand the breath and postures?

  • Deepen your yoga practice? Maybe you have been practicing for a while but feel you are struggling with alignment and breath. It is easy to get into bad habits that are not addressed in group classes, even for a seasoned practitioner it is worth going back to basics to take the next step forward.

  • Have individual feedback on you teaching yoga? This can either be done in person or by you submitting a video for personalised feedback and discussion. This can also be done as an add on to my online coaching course.

Sound Healing

Are you stressed out? Do you have a chaotic mind that chatters incessantly? Maybe you are tired all day and then the moment you lay down for bed your mind and heart start racing?I know exactly how this feels as I have been there. Sound healing is a wonderful tool to help, relax the mind, body and soothe your soul.

Sound has been shown to impact every cell in your whole body. Studies by Fabian Mamon at Tamo Do Academy of Sound and Colour show the profound impact of sound on human cells, how they vibrate according to the nature of the sound waves passed through them. Sound is vibrational medicine!

Ultimately, I feel that no matter what the results under a microscope, the most convincing results are experiential. So if you are curious, book a session and feel the results for yourself.

You can either have a full sound journey or incorporate sound at the end of your yoga practice or theta healing session.

Theta Healing

Are you feeling like the relationship you had with your parents, a heartbreak or a childhood trauma, is holding you back from being happy now? Do you feel like you are not pretty enough, clever enough, you are not worthy…whatever you do you are just not enough?

Negative experiences in life, especially in your early years, often cause you to create beliefs about yourself that hold you back either in a particular aspect of your life or every aspect. They may be irrational and even wildly false and ridiculous! You might even be carrying beliefs from your ancestors, past lives or the collective consciousness. You may be consciously aware of these beliefs, or not even know that you have them. Theta Healing calls these limiting beliefs.

Theta Healing is a powerful technique for identifying the root or bottom limiting belief and removing them, effectively reprogramming your subconscious mind and creating beliefs and feelings that serve you better.

In each session you are asked to identify an issue you want to work on. Take your time to feel into what is really the biggest or most resonant issue you for you at this time. You are then guided into a meditative state in which the theta brainwave is accessed. It is an interactive session so you will be asked questions to get to the root of the issue. I am guided by intuition to know where to dig deeper, and what beliefs to clear.

Awareness is key, as after seeing your conditioning you will then be able to move beyond it. Every time you see yourself stepping back into your old habits you will be aware and it will become your choice as to whether you want to re create those beliefs in your life.

I have seen major breakthroughs in just one session, or it may take a little more time. I am here to help, serve and love you wherever you are at.


£60 for 60 minutes, £80 for 90 minutes, £100 for 120 minutes. If you are interested in a combined session then it is advisable to opt for a 90 or 120 minute session.



I had the distinct pleasure to spend 4 days with Carina on a recent retreat… her calm almost ethereal manner was so profoundly relaxing.

I did yoga alongside the water, underwent sound healing with crystal and himalayan bowls and it was a highlight of the retreat. I felt aligned, zen and very connected to my body. Carina is amazing!

- Cynthia

Nurse Practitioner, TedX 2 Speaker, Creator of Wholistic Blueprint, Co-host of Everyday Wellness Podcast DC

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Carina’s sound healing sessions left me feeling peaceful and refreshed.

She has a natural open warmth, gentle approach and gift for putting people at ease.

- Hannah

General Practitioner, Menopause and PMS Specialist