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An intimate gathering of women ready to release, reconnect and redefine themselves to consciously create their reality.


the woman who is externally thriving, yet on the inside she is trying to hold it all together


scared to be vulnerable in thinking it will show that you are weak


crying out for help, wanting connection and to be nurtured


the emptiness inside, the lack of energy and inspiration

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It’s time to open your heart, connect with your soul, embrace that inner goddess within and leverage your divine feminine power to feel complete, whole and fulfilled.


to embark on a journey of self discovery & expansion through the connection of your heart

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Whats Included….

• 6 Nights, 7 Days Full Accommodation
• Delicious Plant Based Meals (Brunch & Dinner)
• Daily Yoga, Meditations and Movement Practices
• Intense Multi Dimensional Healing & Activations
• Fully Support Of Your Hosts and Fellow Sisters
• Daily Sound Healings & Activations
• Daily Ceremonies & Rituals

Investment - 5 - 12 October 2019










“WOW! This Retreat was nothing short of transformation at a cellular level. It wasn’t just theory, concepts, and pretty words this experience had the most masterful and compassionate way of healing deep seeded wounds that are holding you back from living the life you want now. The environment that was created was magical and a safe container from the staff down to all the women who attended the event. I walked in feeling like a stranger and unsure of what I had gotten myself into, and walked out knowing that I had just created friendships that would last a lifetime. I’m forever grateful for the power and clarity I’ve gained; and my expansion of my intuitive abilities. Thank you for creating such a transformative and nurturing one of a kind retreat.”

Yuritza - USA

“This retreat has turned my life upside down, inside out in the most wonderful, insane, unexpected and beautiful ways.”

There was a 95% chance that I wasn’t going to attend and God made use of the 5% and made sure I could show up.

In 3 days, this retreat has turned my life upside down, inside out in the most wonderful, insane, unexpected and beautiful ways. Jaime would not let me run and made me confront ALL - I mean ALL of my fears.

Every day, every few hours there was another surprise - sometimes it was freaking scary. Sometimes it was absolutely enlightening. Many times I felt like there was magic. Countless times I broke down crying and surrendered completely. There was some banging my hands and feet on the floor, dancing my heart out, breathing like a mo fo, getting really uncomfortable but trusting that something much bigger was about to happen (and it did - many times!) And then there were the messages I received - not just from these bright, brilliant and phenomenal human beings I spent my days with but also from God and his divine helpers who spoke directly to my heart. I was never alone because these magical and magnificent sisters were with me every single step I took. I felt supported, loved, seen for who I am.”

Theresa - USA

“There's no comparison to anything I've done before!”

“I have had the opportunity to attend other retreats.... and none have compared. First and foremost, I felt so nurtured and supported, by Jaime and Carina, they are a dynamic team, warm, loving souls...their sincerity and connections to you are palpable. The women that attended were all spiritually evolved, substantive, dynamic women....I feel that I have created real opportunities of connection with each of them that will last for a lifetime. I'm so grateful for this amazing experience. There's no comparison to anything I've done before!”

Cynthia - USA